Embed schedules to your website

As of August 2018, it is possible to embed saved/published schedules from ScheduleBuilder.org, directly to your website and/or WordPress blog.

Any embedded schedule will automatically be updated accordingly to your schedule on this site.

Currently there are two options for embedding schedules:

WordPress plugin

We have created a WordPress plugin which enables for very easy embedding of schedules.

Simply install our plugin over at https://wordpress.org/plugins/schedule-builder-online/

Once installed, all you need to do is to copy the embed code for your schedule directly to the post or page where you want it to appear. If your schedule ID is y9ola29p, then the embed code would look like the following [sbo id="y9ola29p"]

Website HTML-embed code

If you are not using WordPress, it is also possible to embed schedules directly with an HTML-embed code.

This method works very similarly to the WordPress embed code. Simply copy the embed code that is shown upon saving a schedule, and paste it directly to your HTML-code where you would like it to appear.

The HTML-embed code looks like the following: <script class="sboMainEmbed en" src="https://schedulebuilder.org/js/embed.min.js?scuyrxst"></script>"