Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to increase the hour-length of all days?

The hour length can be freely customized from one up to 24 hours in the settings tab.

Is it possible to change the days that are displayed on the schedule?

You can add or remove additional days in the settings tab. The schedule can show from one up to seven days.

My description is to long for the activity. Is there any way to make it visible?

This can be achieved by changing the "Auto resize" option in the settings tab to "Resize schedule to fit text content".

Can I save my schedule and edit it at a later time? uses browser cookies to automatically save a schedule. If you have cookies activated, you should be able to continue where you last left of.

It is also possible to publish a schedule and access it from anywhere via the link that was generated upon publishing.

Can I create/work on more than one schedule?

You can only work on one schedule on the startpage at once. But by publishing multiple schedules and accessing them via their generated links, you can work on multiple at once.

I'm having troubles downloading my schedule.

If your schedule isn't downloading, or renders in poor quality. We recommend you to use a screenshot tool such as Snipping Tool in Windows.

Why do I have to create an account to publish my schedule?

The old system, with no limits, was easily abused. We saw the need to create an account system to tackle this problem.

If you would like to have your five schedules limit increased, feel free to get in touch with us.

If your question wasn't answered by the FAQ, feel free to contact us here.